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Monday, March 12, 2012

Linking the White

Linking the White

8x6in  oil on canvas panel  SOLD

Artist Note:

This was a demo for this morning's class.
Whenever flowers are the extreme opposite in value
you have to give some thought to how they are arranged.
It is easy to end up with a dark, light, dark, light polka dot pattern.
After deciding that I wanted to have the white flowers link together
I placed them in an arc and then carefully made sure that
different values were behind them for a more impressionistic
This was painted on a peach color base and the color is
peeking through.

Here are the Freesias.

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Posted by Picasa


  1. Another beautiful painting. I will bet you really do have to give thought to the flower arrangement. I never really considered this before...arrange them differently and the whole painting takes on a new life I am sure.

  2. Freesias are just my favorites...the smell of them give me some many memories from my childhood. You painted them gorgeously, and I just love that background with the red splatters! xoxo

  3. Beautiful painting Julie! And thank you for the Liebster award, it was very kind! I've got back to blogging tonight and done my best to honour it! X

  4. Great painting. Thanks for sharing your process.


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