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Thursday, March 15, 2012

View from my Window in New Hampshire

View From My Window

sketch on craft paper  NFS

I am a guest in a beautiful home in New Castle, N.H.
This is the view from my bedroom window...looking over
the water to Portsmouth, N.H. It is really beautiful.
The tide comes in and out so the view is constantly changing.
I find I am completely absorbed with the different lighting conditions
and could sit by this window all day.

I am here for the memorial celebration of my dear friend,
Lorraine Gaire who died just before Christmas.
(I wrote a tribute to her on December 23rd on my blog.)
It will be an emotional but healing time with my American family.

Artist Note:

I knew it would be a busy time so I brought some paper and pencils
to do drawings instead of paintings. I did this one this morning.


  1. The view is indeed stunning, and your sketch shows very well how beautiful it is!

  2. This is lovely! So talented!


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