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Friday, March 16, 2012

Meet Master Hershey Murray!

Meet Master Hershey Murray!

pencil sketch   NFS

Still in New Hampshire.

I arrived at my friend's house to find the most adorable puppy
I have ever seen. He is a Havanese and is 10 weeks old.
The colors in his coat are gorgeous. He is subtle shades of white, taupe
and browns. His ears are amazing - they go out sideways.
Amazing to me because I have a Blue Heeler with ears which stay standing
straight up and they make her look like she is always listening...which she does!
These are my first attempts at sketching Hershey.
Easier to do when he actually fell asleep and stopped moving,
see the one on bottom right... that is the one most like him.

I am using my phone camera to take the images while I am here so the quality
is not great. Sorry!
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  1. So cute!! Very nice sketches, Julie.

  2. Even if the photo is not top quality, it still shows your skills in sketching, and the little Hershey is so adorable.


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