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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mother's Pottery #6

Mother's Pottery # 6

6x8in  oil on canvas  100.

This is a triangular shaped dish with little feet underneath. Not too big
and not too small, I love it.
Behind is a serving platter and at the side is a small bowl with a
built in divider which is handy for nuts. They are all in the same
shades of blues and creams.
Mother wanted her work to be used so she would ask me what
I needed for entertaining and would come up with practical, but
unusual shapes. Hard for me to get my head around
the fact that these were all made at the local senior citizen center where
she went once a week. That is what a great teacher can inspire artists to do.

Artist Note:

I was given the tangerines by a friend who bought them in San Francisco
on her way back to New Mexico
Two were on the same stem and I made the mistake of painting them like that.
Oh Brother...headlights!
I do know better. I had started off with three tangerines and decided to move
one out because I wanted the pottery to be part of the focal area...
but then forgot the two lined up, side by side.
I was fortunate to have a fellow artist and friend stop by and after hearing
my frustration at not being satisfied with the painting, gently suggested
peeling one of the oranges. Bingo...I had fun placing segments and after
removing the paint from the original orange I repainted it.
So being brave and totally interested in passing on helpful info
here is the before image. Remember NOT to do HEADLIGHTS!

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  1. There is a wonderful 'nonchalence' to this painting and as always the composition is perfect. This pottery series is absolutely fabulous!


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