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Monday, February 20, 2012

Pansy Time #7

Pansy Time #7

5x7in  oil on canvas    90.

Nothing like a little bit of color to brighten the day.
I loved the colors from yesterday but did not want to repeat them all.

Artist Note:

This one is all about how I am feeling about the painting process.
 Today I am having fun making an emotional response to the shapes and colors I have been working with.
 I wanted to achieve a soft atmosphere so I placed transition colors/values
between dark and light areas and I deliberately swooshed edges.
A few specks of pure color have been added in the center area and
I deliberately grayed out the colors as they moved
towards the edge of the canvas.

This whole process may look as if it was easily achieved,
but this little sucker took me a long time to do.
I had to keep scraping everything off and begin again.

This maybe a decorative piece but I hope you find  it has heart!
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  1. I love the style and it looks free and effortless. It takes a lot of work to look that way.

  2. It does have a little dreamy atmosphere about it, beautiful as the other ones. And thank you for explaining some of your procedures, to me it is gold :-))


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