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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mother's Pottery #2

Mother's Pottery #2

6x6in oil on canvas 85.

My mother has been gone now 12 years but for some reason I am really
thinking about her a lot and when I painted a bowl she
had made, yesterday, it felt today I am painting one of my favorite pieces.
I usually keep pens in it but they didn't look like how I feel about my mother
and I decided to go with the dogwood flowers.
Like all good immigrants do, when my mother visited me from England
I took her to Washington, D.C., where the dogwoods happened to be blooming
and she was filled with total delight.
These happy memories came back as I was painting this .

Artist Note:

I started with a warm under-painting and general placement
showing the direction of the light.
I am trying to keep everything loose and have to start that way.
I did work carefully on the pottery and it got too fiddly...great art term!
So I scraped it all off and it immediately looked better and I went back in
to try and keep it that way.
I was careful to leave the highlight white, lighter than the dogwood.
It may not show up on here, but they are lighter.
Mother's glazes were a wonder to behold.
She knew no fear and mixed and dripped never knowing what they
would be like until they survived the kiln.
I love the unusual shape of this piece and her small little add on at the front.


  1. Both the ceramic bowl and the little painting you did of it are treasures Julie!

  2. I just love the way you paint, so free and easy and really great sense of colors. And as always I really appreciate your explanations. Thank you! xx

  3. What a wonderful heart warming memory. Love your Mom's pottery! Your painting is fantastic!

  4. Such beautiful memories, Julie! Gorgeous painting as well as the post!!


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