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Monday, February 13, 2012

Sunday Morning Drive in Nambe, NM

Sunday Morning Drive

11x14'  oil on canvas board.  not for sale.

This was from a photo I took when a friend and I were roaming the area
of the beautiful old village of Nambe, New Mexico, looking for some place
to paint and more importantly, where we would be allowed to set up our gear.
This turned out to be a place where we were moved from... before we ever started.
I was allowed to take a photo.

Artist Note:

This is the demo I did in class today.

The first block-in is my favorite part. Lots of fun to place colors and not
worry about getting it right.  Below you will see I placed simple shapes
defining the different elements. I did pay attention to the warm and cool colors.
They show up well on the trees in this shot.

I used only transparent colors before I started going into the
opaques to establish my light areas.
This is the first time I have done a painting with yellow stripes in the road
but the road looked like water without them. How did I know that?
I had an audience of expert artists. Demos can be nerve racking!

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  1. Love the finished painting. Thanks for sharing the process

  2. I didn't know you needed to have the permission to paint stuff! Love this colorful landscape!

  3. That is gorgeous! Love the light.
    Happy Painting,

  4. I love the brushwork and the color scheme in the underpainting! (I love the finished painting too but let me just say I wish I would know how to paint free and expressive like you did to start this one...)


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