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Friday, February 3, 2012

Amaryllis Demo

Amaryllis Demo

8x6in oil on canvas board   100.

I find the color red to be one of the hardest colors to have a lot of in a painting. It is easier if you can use red by following the color wheel to orange and yellows but when you have the complement of green with it...Oh boy! I am thinking of my fight with the red and green in the Christmas Cactus and Holly.
I responded with little enthusiasm to painting this Amaryllis even though it is a magnificent plant, but I am glad I persevered as I rather like the way it turned out. .

Artist Notes:

Here is a step by step of this demo.

First I blocked in the basic size I wanted
using short, straight strokes.
Next I placed flat color (no form) using straight
strokes with a #8 bright brush.
I started to carve the light and shadow areas.
This is a continuation of exploring the form 
so when I paint it I will already have a good
memory of how it is.
The most important step - for me.
Scrape down all the paint with a palette knife.
This step will merge edges and allows the
colors to break up. From here on, your own
personal reaction to what is happening on
the canvas should be allowed to take over.
Follow your gut. If you notice on my final piece
I ended up reversing the flowers.
I left the background until the end and decided to
use some of the sky view out of the window.
I used a knife a lot on the final paint application.

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  1. I like your techinique of scraping down the first layer of paint. Not only does it help to make edges interesting but I find it also adds depth and dimension. Thanks for the instructive blog! :)

  2. Absolutely stunning, so energetic! And I love very much your brushstrokes, and your scraping off the paint. Your explanation is very precious!

  3. Thanks for sharing this technique. I learn a lot reading other people's blogs!

  4. This is soooooo informative! I am really intrigued by this method -- do you paint a lot of your paintings this way? I just started taking an oil painting class out of curiosity, and I will give this procedure a try just because I am intrigued so much!

    The final painting looks beautiful. I love the intense color and the thick, juicy paint texture laid on by knife.


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