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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lemon With Your Tea?

Lemon With Your Tea?

6x8in  oil on canvas board.   100.

I managed to get out to see some art at a show in our convention center today and enjoyed myself.
I saw modernism, impressionism, realism, abstract and contemporary work.  Photography was in quite a few booths too. Competition for the shoppers dollar has to be jewelry. There were easily more booths selling different types of jewelry than anything else.

It was fun talking to the artists and catching up on art gossip because between teaching and the daily painting I have become quite a recluse.

Artist Notes:

Following through with another set up influenced by yesterdays painting. I really am going to enjoy painting the new mug. It has a lovely shape and the red interior and matching spoon is great fun.
Red is very hard to photograph as it jumps out like a neon sign even though I had used green and transparent brown oxide to calm it down.
I am playing around with a stripe pattern just for my own interest to see how far I can push it..

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  1. Beautiful!!!! Love the reflections of the lemon in the cup and the tea kettle is beautifully painted as well! Wonderful job!!


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