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Friday, February 10, 2012

Trying Different Ways of...

Trying Different Ways of...

oil on canvas 6x8in oil on canvas board 100.

A more contemporary approach and the effort it took to get it to my acceptance level.

Artist Note:

After doing the White on White Challenge I had a hard time not going back to a tonal painting so I set myself a goal to see how many different ways I could attempt a more contemporary set-up.

Here is the first one. I thought I would go more colorful.

I was not comfortable with all of it - a little bit too

So I tried it another way on a 6x6in format

This one I liked better but did not feel an emotional connection so I went back to studying my light and dark pattern and that is how I ended up with the top one, which I do like. It is 98% percent palette knife.

There were elements I wanted to maintain.
I liked the little bottle behind the white vase and the small striped cloth beneath them. The green oriental box is a lovely piece I find intriguing. It was only when I linked it to a dark mug that it all worked.
I was raised with,  "if at first you do not succeed, then try, try, try again."
It appears to be my artist mantra.


  1. It's hard to believe that is only 6 X 8. It reads so much larger. I loved seeing all your different versions. You show me what a difference the composition can make--by adding that mug. I have a hard time getting one small painting finished, let alone three! My favorite thing is the small brown bottle peeking out from behind the vase. Beautiful work.

  2. A lot of details in a small canvas!!! Excellent work, Julie.!


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