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Thursday, February 9, 2012

White on White Challenge

White on White Challenge

8x6in  oil on canvas board  SOLD

 Ann Feldman (artist) came up with a rather difficult subject for this weeks Daily Paintworks Challenge.
I wanted to try it because the focus of our Artist Guild last month was on the the principals of painting white or black and I didn't demo more than a white block.
Check out the entries. There are a few who added a touch of color as an accent and it they look very effective.

Artist Note:

The principal of painting white in shadow is that it goes to the same value as black in the light. Both are basically move to a middle value.
Another principle is verticals are darker in value than horizontal areas if  the light source is from above to some degree.
I kept reminding myself of these principals because I kept wanting to punch up some parts for drama.
I can glaze color over this if I want to once it is dry.
I was careful not to paint the creamers too light so the highlight would show up.

This took several hours so I know now I should have done a single would have gone a lot faster!

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Posted by Picasa


  1. Beautiful work Julie! Love, love all of the peeks of color.

  2. What A beautiful still life! Love all the thick and painterly brushstrokes!

    PS. You also made me laugh when you said that you showed your husband my tennis series and that he actually stopped to have a good look. I'll take that as a real compliment :-D. Thanks Julie.

  3. I am working on my entry now -- and I thought, god, I should have just chosen a single object... :-P

    The tips you gave a very helpful. I am trying that out and reminding myself on the first version not to punch up too much for drama. But in the second version I will try to stretch the value range a bit more, and the third one I will add more colors, and see which version I like best. It's a great exercise, and I love how you composed your group, as well as the very graceful renderings.


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