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Monday, February 27, 2012

Mother's Pottery #4

Mother's Pottery #4

8x6in  oil on canvas panel    100.

The round bowl with the floating lemons has my mothers fingerprints where she made little depressions in the clay...just like when she was making a pie crust. We use this bowl almost every morning for a fruit salad and sometimes I find myself resting my own fingertips in the indentations, feeling her vibrations.

Mother often had a bowl of floating lemons in water and she would rest the back of her hands in the water for a while and, as she never had one brown spot on her hands, she believe it worked!

Artist Note.

I started this off with a drawing done with a round brush using Ultra Blue in a thin, transparent manner. I lifted off any errors quite cleanly. After massing in the shapes I lifted out the lemon slices using a thirsty brush and then a cloth to make sure it was dry to the touch so it would not pollute the yellow paint when I put it in. On something like this if I had painted the yellow in first I would have had to be careful not to pollute the blue.
The tricky part was painting the water in the bowl.  I really had to be aware of the subtle difference in value and color, above and below the waterline. The bowl has a swath of creamy white which runs in an abstract manner in-between two shades of blue glazes. There is no way I could capture it so I went for the overall effect. This is something most of us have to learn. Just because it IS a certain way does not mean you HAVE to paint it that way (if it looks awkward.)
For the lemons it helps to remember that yellow in the shade moves to a middle/darker value. I used a red/purple in these to tone down the value of the yellow where I wanted it darker and warmer and
a blue/purple for the greener, cooler shade.

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  1. I really love this series of your mothers pottery, also shows your great love and admiration for her. Beautiful rendering of colors and brushstrokes...and as always...thanks for the tips!!

  2. I have really enjoyed your series of your mother's pottery. How wonderful that she discovered this art form at an older age. Beautiful pieces. Your paintings of them are beautiful too. My mother was an artist too. Miss her.

  3. I've been catching up with all of your beautiful paintings and this one is wonderful as well..It's amazing how our Mom's forever live in our Hearts....a very touching post, Julie!


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