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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pansy Time #2

Pansy Time # 2

8x6in oil on canvas board   100.

I am still feeling the glow from Valentines Day so continuing to
paint "happy" flowers seems perfect.

Artist Note:

Unlike yesterday, this painting went easily onto the canvas.
Was it because of the old expression...practice makes perfect?
Certainly, some of the mistakes I made yesterday were still fresh in my mind
as were the parts I did which I liked.

I used an angle brush with synthetic hair and short handle for most of this. See below.

I think that this type of brush is perfect for short crisp strokes using the tip
but is also great at blending two sides together when you dip either side into
the colors you need. Above I show how a light and dark green blend smoothly
with one stroke.
Different to the "opposing strokes" technique - on the right -  which gives energy
to the surface. Both methods were used on this painting.

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  1. These pansies are awesome...oozing 'happiness' from every petal , and I love the show off of the cloth beneath.

  2. Lovely. Your pansies are so wonderful and make me feel lighthearted and airy like spring.

  3. Lovely! The colors of the pansies really "pop" against the background and the dark mug.


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