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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mother's Pottery #5

Mother's Pottery #5

8x6in  oil on canvas   100.

This vase is really lovely and the ruffled edges hold flowers in different positions.
It was the hardest one to paint so far.

Mother had arthritis in her hands and could not use the wheel for her pottery
so she did slab and coil. She used the heels of her feet to manipulate the clay
into the desired consistency. We would be having a cuppa together
and she would be busy moving from one foot to the other as
natural as could be.
I got such a kick out of seeing her finding a way to keep doing what she loved.

Artist Note:

Another scraper! I started with the flowers in the vase but then found
they hid the essence of the top shape too much.
I forgot what the main focus was to be. Duh!

The white glaze had some of the clay color showing through from underneath
so I had to put on paint and lightly scrape some of it off to capture it.
I used Transparent White from Rembrandt, which helped a lot.

 Angle brush and knife were used on this.

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  1. Julie, I just love this series , your mothers pottery is so fabulous and you paint it gorgeously. I am learning about scraping off the paint, something I didn't put into practice yet, if something isn't right I will just paint it over. I suppose that when you scrape off the paint it is already dry ?? xx

  2. Beautifully painted Julie! I'm enjoying all of these pottery series!! I hope to see more.


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