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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pansy Time #9

Pansy Time #9

8x6in  oil on canvas   100.

Pass the sunglasses please!

This is purely a decorative piece and I enjoyed myself immensely playing around with pattern and color.
It was  purposely different to any of the other the other pansy paintings.
I was inspired to do it by my Picasso Rose piece from November 28th, of last year, (below) but not to be quite so Picasso(y).

Artist Note:

Fun, fun, fun.
I started by drawing with an acid free ink, felt tip pen.
I filled in all the big shapes with flat areas of color.
I used a pointed shaper to lift off some of the patterns
where I had deliberately painted a different color underneath
for this purpose.
I used a rigger (script liner) brush to do the line-work.

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  1. Its a wonderful idea Julie,to break out of the norm and do something fun and carefree.This sense of freedom shows in the colours and design.

  2. I see you are having fun doing this series! Makes me also want to try my hands on variations of one theme. The difficulty being trying different things and not doing all of them as replicas of one another -- I tend to paint too literally and must pay attention to break that habit. You are a true inspiration to me.

    I love the playfulness of colors and patterns in this piece. The warmer overall tones works better for me than the cooler ones in the rose piece, but that's just personal inclination.

  3. I love the bright and vibrant colors. Very fun and playful work.


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