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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mother's Pottery #3

Mother's Pottery #3

8x6in  oil on canvas panel  100.

These are two pieces my mother made which I use constantly.
The tall one is wonderful for flowers or grasses and the small one
I use for paper clips.
Mother only started her pottery at the age of 70 and she took to it
right away. Classes were at the local senior citizen center and she was lucky
enough to have a fabulous, caring teacher who spotted her talent and allowed
her to do free-form shapes and glazes.  Her work was not popular with the
others in the class because  they did molds and more traditional items but
I adored her work from the get-go and became her biggest fan.
A story I love to tell is how her teacher entered a piece of mother's
in a big crafts show in NYC and she won...drum roll...FIRST PLACE!
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  1. Your mother deserved the first prize, she made wonderful stuff, the kind of pottery I collect on market places when I find them. The colors and the glazes are super, and I really love this painting with these two items from your mother. The little one is awesome!

  2. Wonderful color here and fantastic brushstrokes. Very lovely.

  3. What a beautiful post, Julie!! Yay..Mom for her beautiful work! This painting is truly beautiful!!


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