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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Odd Man Out

Odd Man Out.

6x8in oil on canvas board   100.

Guess which item is "the odd man out."

Artist Note:

After the difficulty of painting the "White on White" Challenge,  it has been rewarding to read the complementary comments on the DailyPaintworks page.
Even so, I feel like doing a little bit more contemporary imagery with color.

Whenever an artist can use a full range of values, they get more impact. The placement of a large, very dark area near a smaller light one can give it a pop that makes it noticed. The reversed order is true also. I see this used a lot in the paintings submitted for shows. A smart move as more often than not, subtlety is wasted when an image is only seen for a few seconds by the judges.

Here I linked the back, dark mug into both the light and dark top area and placed a light cup to go up into the dark. This prevented the polka dot mug from sticking out like a sore thumb.

The mug with the spoon in the handle is a new addition to my collection and this is the first time I have painted it. It will be brilliant with my red teapot. Maybe tomorrow?

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  1. I love the very contemporary approach in composition of this piece -- not emphasizing visual depth but in stead go for the pattern organization in 2D picture plane. You have such a great visual rhythm here!

  2. Wonderful still life, love all the different pieces that put together work very well.


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