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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Back Road to Hatch

Back Road to Hatch, NM.

6x9in  oil on gallery wrap canvas   125.

This is a painting I did in the Fall. It is a lovely spot on the way from Las Cruces to Hatch. The Chili capitol of New Mexico. The best chilies in the world are grown there...ask anyone from New Mexico. The red plant on the bank may have been rogue, red chili plants, but not sure.

Local people may not recognize the spot as I chose not to paint the rusting car, washing machine and other assorted unwanted items.

I did paint today but ended up washing every attempt off.
Not always easy being an artist.
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  1. This is a wonderful piece. Love that you showed the texture.

  2. Great landscape...... more luscious brushstrokes!


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