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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Art Supplies - and an interesting discovery.

Art Supplies

8x6"  watercolor NFS

Day 10 in the 30 day challenge

Objects around my painting area.

Artist Note.
I am still experimenting with my watercolor technique
and yesterday, while I was wondering what to paint,
I remembered what Bernard Dunstan
emphasizes in his little gem of a book,
Starting to Paint Still Life.
Beside setting up a regular still life he recommends
you look for the" accidental groups which just happen
everywhere around us."
This still life was right in front of me.
I happen to like the book  (all of his books, actually)
and have had it for years. It is small - 6x8 -and not an 
entertaining book with colorful images, but it provides a 
solid explanation of his personal teaching style with mostly 
black and white reproductions .
Works for me.

Interesting discovery.
When I am commenting on other blogs and I have to enter
the hated, 'prove you are not a robot' to be able to 'Publish'
I find it a real pain in the neck because it takes so much 
extra time. I had previously discovered when numbers were 
asked for, that ANY two numbers would do the job, 
and now I know why...drum roll...
you do not have to enter numbers at all 
ONLY THE LETTERS. Honest. Trust me.
I wish the word had been passed around before now.
Maybe you already knew it, but I didn't. If it helps 
even one other artist not to have to squint to read the 
numbers then I will be happy.
Even better would be if everyone did not have 
"comment moderation" at all!  In a perfect world.

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  1. I really like your found still life and all that you teach here. I SO agree with you about getting rid of that "prove you're not a robot thingy." I have a page at the top of my blog dedicated to asking other bloggers to get rid of it. I am quite grateful for your tip about ignoring the numbers, thank you so much for'll help save everyone's eyesight!

  2. Now of course I love this piece. It speaks to the artist wannabe in me! I learned that about the numbers too, but didn't mention it because I thought I was having a fluke that was a good one on the computer. LOL

  3. I always enjoy reading your blog, Julie. You share such helpful information, and of course, I admire your work. I agree with you... it is a "pain in the neck" to have to type in the security code in order to leave a comment on some blogs. I removed that option from my blog. Wow, you don't need to type numbers? Interesting! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Julie, this is spectacular or so many levels. Love the technique and mystery and think the arrangement of shapes is much more intriguing than something 'set up'. Love this. I forgot to mention the primary color harmony is nice too!

  5. Now Julie....really....I think you entered all the numbers and letters because you were worried someone out there might actually think you were an android.

    Thanks for sharing your painting and the information about the book on still life. Only occasionally am I interested in still life; perhaps if I knew more I would be more attracted to it.

    I really like this painting as it drew me right in to wondering what all you have there. It is quite intriguing.

  6. That's such a gorgeous still life! Wow! Your style just awes me. It's so artistic and innovative, with rich expressive colors. I discovered that same trick about the number codes, but it didn't always work for me. Most times it does. I removed that code request from my own blog, and it's been fine. The comments that come to my blog still have to be approved by me before they can be posted. Occasionally I'll get an anonymous comment advertising hotels in Bangledesh or something, but I just mark it as spam instead of approving it.

  7. Day 10-Go Julie!

    Thanks for the tip on the book and the comment moderation # thing. Those annoy me too and sometimes even prevent me from commenting:)

  8. I hate that robot thing too. I wonder why the blog owner can not have the choice of using it or not. Recently I have found some blogs you have to fill out a form w/ name, email etc. and guess what I do? It's a shame 'cuz I wanted to tell them I liked their work.

  9. Thanks for the tip Julie! Beautiful and interesting painting!

  10. I'm enjoying your 30 day paintings and amazed at how you can fracture watercolor. Beautiful little still life. Thanks for the info.

  11. I love the looseness of your painting! It is good to remind ourselves that sometimes we need to move the easel to the still-life and not the objects to the easel! Thanks Julie!

  12. Just wonderful! Drippy as watercolors should be! You are a master in both oil and watercolor. I am filled with admiration!

  13. Fracturing water color, now that is skill!
    I have always stopped and looked at your work, terrific!
    Thank you for telling us about "Comment Moderation." During the challenge, wish everyone would remove it, they can always put it back.

  14. Love your blog, Julie! In fact it's the only one I have bookmarked on my browser address bar :)
    Love your found still life and the wonderful expression you have in watercolour.
    I also appreciated your tips. I never knew the one about the letters and numbers, so I will definitely give that a try. As an occasional blogger though, I see why people have it. I have akismet on mine which removes most spam. I also then have to approve comments. Then when a commenter is approved they are OK to post from then on. It seems to work pretty well. Before I set up akismet though - I would get 200 comments in a day that were spam - and trying to sort through all of that to find the real comments took a lot of time and was very frustrating. Don't know if you can use akismet on blogger though?

  15. It's beautiful. Love the primaries....they are so playful in this painting......sending out a wonderful warmth.

  16. Not only have I learned many things from your paintings Julie, I've now learned about Comment Moderation. Wow, hope it's not on my blog. I shall now go check. Love today's painting.

  17. Lovely painting, and interesting words. I love Dunstan, and will look for that book. As for comment moderation, yes, I too wish everyone would just disable it.

  18. This watercolor a a beauty, love the natural composition. I'll have to open my eyes to discover the hidden beauties near me when inspiration fails me.

    I've learned a lot tonight :))

    Just want to make a little research to discover this artist.

  19. I love to experiment as well; however, this is a beautiful result from your experiment. It has so much character! Absolutely wonderful piece!

  20. oh I just love your accidental 'still life' here. Those are the best I think. Your watercolors are beautiful. And.... NO! I did NOT know you don't have to punch in the numbers! That will help me get through those crazy things. Thank you!

  21. Great tips about about still life set ups,Julie. Beautiful composition and color harmonies!

  22. Your watercolours are as original as your oils. Such a talent! I've never read books on art...perhaps I ought to . Thanks for the tip on commenting (I find it a pain in the neck, too).

  23. My favorite kind of abstraction. You've found the beautiful in the mundane!

    Reading your tip made me think about those stupid settings. I also find them annoying, but have put up with it on my own blog - then I thought about it...since comments have to be approved by me before they're published, why do I care whether a "robot" sent them since I don't have to allow them to be published? I removed that feature from my blog...if lots of robots come calling, I'll add it back in.

  24. What a beautiful still life - you are making watercolor your own! Your colors are just gorgeous.

  25. What a gorgeous watercolor this is. I like your technique - so I say Brava to experimenting! :-)

  26. Thank you for the note on verification numbers. And I am loving your fractured technique!!!


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