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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Oleanders, Peaches and Handy Hint.

Oleanders and Peaches

7"x5" oil on canvas panel $100. SOLD

#5 in the 30 day challenge

I decided to throw in a formal still life or two during this
challenge.  This one is even smaller than usual.

Artist note

I have been asked how I manage to paint what
looks like a large painting composition,
but on a panel size so small.
Easy...I stand far enough back from my set-up
so that it is all actual size. (not as far back as you
would think)
I have a piece of glass from a photo frame
the same size as my canvas (in this case 5x7)
and I hold it up in front of me and move back from
my set-up until it fills the space the way I want it.
I then take a magic marker and
(as I am holding the glass with other hand) mark off
the main spots. I have found this works much better
for me than the regular viewfinder.
I lay the glass over the panel to check I like the design
and then I can either trace the marks or lift up and
nudge a few spots in as a guide if I want, but anymore
I find I only use it as a guide.

(I do tape the edges of the glass with scotch tape.)

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  1. Oooo, what a tip. I've always just chucked the glass I find my thrift store frames, but now I have a use for at least one of them. I'll have to try this out.

  2. Similar to a hint I had in one of my correspondence text books of using a dry erase marker on my plexi view finder. Must admit I rarely use a view finder. LOL We can see my lazy and impatient ways might be the reason my art isn't where it should be?

    Anyways, love the richness of the floral arrangement itself...The word effusive comes to mind! So beautiful!

  3. Lovely painting! Love the flowers, vase and the peaches too! And best nugget ever for deciding on composition size. Great idea!
    I will share one back for you. There is an app called Value Viewer. You can take a photo of the set up and put it into VV and decide on size and move the photo smaller to larger and around to decide on composition. I like Value Viewer as you can also see the the photo in black/white, Notan or basic Values. Very handy to have on your IPad. Great way to learn. Love nuggets:)

  4. So much information and detail in this wonderful little painting! Thank you for explaining how you go about doing that! Brilliant!
    That vase is amazing! Love it!

  5. Every one of your paintings is just loaded with rich, vibrant color. Even though you describe your technique, and I get it, it is truly amazing how much there is in this painting. It is a winner; perfect for display in every room of the house. Congratulations.

  6. Thank you for sharing that "handy hint", Julie.
    I always wondered how you put so much details in such a small canvas. This painting is beautiful and my eyes take me all over !!!!

  7. Well, that's pretty brilliant. Better than the grid as you say. Adding the key marks is smart also.

    Lovely painting (and vase). And a great arrangement as always:)

  8. What a great idea Julie!! Now, between my view finder, the Value Viewer and your technique, I find absolutely no reason that each and ever painting shouldn't be phenomenal!!! If only, right?!?! Thanks for yet another wonderful and generous 'hint'.

  9. You are a bucket of knowledge and so generous in sharing , Do you small brushes as well. Love all your work.

  10. I was just asking myself this very question as I was looking at this amazing painting. It really is something how you get so much onto a small space and with such skill. The colors in this are perfect. Your process is awesome, I would have never thought of that.

  11. Love the painting, Julie! Also love the handy hint......You clever girl, you!

  12. What a great tip,Julie. This painting is really amazing and beautiful and when I saw the size, I was so surprised. I will be looking at your work daily!

  13. Beautiful painting and like everyone else, I love your hint! So elementry and yet so clever!

  14. beautiful painting - and what a wonderful tip!

  15. thanks Julie for the handy tip, a clever option...

  16. Hi Julie, thanks for the tip, would definitely try.
    And yes, the moment I saw ur work, I was wondering how you managed to complete it in one day!

  17. Breathtaking! This painting absolutely sparkles! Very helpful hint on using the glass as a view finder :)

  18. Hard to find something new to say. How about Classic and Beautiful? Personal favorite.........the peaches. They are alive.

  19. I'm not sure how you can get that much into such a small panel, and with that depth and detail, but it is lovely.

  20. Very very lovely painting, Julie. You know what? I use a clear acrylic sheet in the same way you use your glass. I also teach my drawing students the same trick.

  21. Congrats on the sale! It is a lovely painting.

  22. I love the colors and the composition. Kudos! It's so fun seeing all this wonderful are during this 30 day challenge.

  23. Julie - I am convinced you never do a bad painting...this is so gorgeous...the colors and the way you have it designed really leads the eye to the vase of flowers. Wonderful tip so generous of you to share some of your great knowledge. Have a lovely Sept. day.

  24. How I wish I sit next to you while you painted this and observed and enjoyed the process! It is very kind of you to share this wonderful tip, but even with the tip, I will need Julie's magical hands to create something like this :-) It is a classic beauty!

  25. So beautiful! Enjoyed enlarging it and examining every millimeter. I do marvel that you can fit so much into a small space and that it's all so rich and resonant. Thanks for sharing the glass tip!


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