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Sunday, September 1, 2013

California Radish

Radish Study
Another watercolor - NFS

September 1st and I am starting the
Leslie Sateta 30 day challenge.
The last one was in January and I placed too much
pressure on myself so this time I am going to mix
quick studies like this one with more complex
oil paintings. And...drum roll... if I miss a day I will
forgive myself and recognize the world
will not come to an end!

I commend Leslie for repeating this challenge.
What a great friend she is to the artist community.
I am sure it involves a lot of preparation work for her.
I know I will grow in some way for doing it. Thank you , Leslie
Over 300 artists have signed up which means I will
not be able to visit all the participants blogs to check on their
paintings but I will enjoy seeing those I can get to.

It is not too late for you to join so click on the link below.
Leslie Saeta

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  1. These radishes are SO beautiful, Julie. I love the looseness of this piece and wonderful color!!. I look forward to seeing everyone's work on the challenge!!

  2. Love these little radishes Julie:) I'm packing up my studio and moving this month so I won't get to play this time. Can't wait to see what you do!

  3. Love the looseness in this. Gorgeous darks that hold it together yet the washes of pretty color carry your eye around! You make me want to learn how to paint with watercolors- just beautiful.
    I am doing Leslie's challenge again also. Going to be fun!

  4. You've got your fracturing technique down to a fine science in watercolors, Julie. The radishes look amazing and I'm thinking a wee bit of salt and I could quench a radish yen.

  5. Good luck with the challenge. I remember it from last time so I am looking forward to seeing what you do.

    Good looking radishes:)

  6. As usual...these are beautiful! I am going to participate as well in the challenge. Can't wait to see your work!

  7. Beautiful!
    I am doing Leslie's Challenge too!

  8. Beautiful painting. For me, the first thing I notice is how alive the reds and greens are. Mainly the reds...they just sing. Your study is mighty nice!
    And away we go with the d 30 day challenge. I am really looking forward to see where it leads......

  9. Great painting! You have a wonderful style with your watercolors. I look forward to seeing your paintings during the challenge... I think you are off to a wonderful start!

  10. I am following with great interest your exploration into fracturing with watercolor, Julie. It is very inspiring.

  11. Love this one- nice composition, color changes, feeling

  12. What a wonderful study. Looking forward to see what else you do. I hope I will be able to forgive myself if I miss a day LOL

  13. I look forward to your challenge paintings, you sketch so beautifully, just like your larger works, they'll be a treat!

  14. Beautiful study Julie! I am not able to do the challenge this time, but I am looking forward to seeing all the work!!

  15. Love this one, love the looseness of it. One of my favorites

  16. Love your style Julie!! Have purchased and watched your tutorial on Daily Paintworks - it's awesome! I love your little radish painting! Am doing 30 in 30 also!

  17. Your little study stood out! Love your cabbage as well! And I feel the same way you do, this time around, I'm going to go easy on mysellf this time around! Happy painting!

  18. those radishes are delicious looking!

  19. Radishes so FRESH, with bright colors and vitamin!
    I am happy that the initiative to Leslie had so much following!
    For me, this month would be a form of pressure in a long-awaited moment that I want to dedicate to the family. It will be exciting, through blogs, follow the results of the many brilliant blogger-painters! Hope that the next initiative Leslie happen at a quiet time in order to concentrate painting with dedication!

  20. Wonderful. I like how your style seems to transfer so well into watercolor, too!

  21. Julie, found your blog through Leslie's challenge and just wanted to comment on your painting. Such a lovely rendering of the radishes. Really like the composition and the texture you gave it.

  22. There is a beautiful feel to it, such spontaneity and freshness, loved it very much Julie!


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