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Friday, September 20, 2013

Farmers Market # 22

Farmers Market #22

8x6in oil on canvas $125. SOLD

Day 20

One of the many flowers stalls at the Farmers Market
in California.

Artist Note

Several people want to know what product I use
to glue my sheets of Senso canvas to the Masonite panels.
A popular choice would be Acrylic heavy body
I  prefer YES paste -  only because I like the consistency.
The liquid types of acid free glues are a wee bit messy for me.
The directions following are the same for either product.
I cut a 2x2in piece of foamcore board to spread the paste
evenly over the panel (only because lazy me does not want to
be bothered cleaning a spatula.) I place the painting on top
of the pasted surface being careful to line up the edges.
I place plastic wrap over it to protect the painting
and gently press down  before I go all over it with a roller.
The neat thing about the Yes paste is that it cleans up with
water, and any of it oozing out of the edges is easily
wipes clean with a moist rag.
Turning it face side down I place a heavy
book on top and usually leave it overnight.

Practical hint.

I always wipe the rim of the paste jar with my rag and place a
few drops of water inside before putting the lid back on.

(I never get the tall jar because it is messy to dig that deep.)

If you do not have access to an art store, Michaels sells Yes paste
as well as the online catalogs.

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  1. Julie thank you for the tips about the paste, I have just used it a couple of times, still not used to it. This is a beautiful painting, and also I love your painting from yesterday, the hydrangeas. You certainly interpret color fabulously! Thank you for sharing, I come here often to check your latest paintings :)

  2. Such a summery bright piece. I love all the colors, from the oh so bright flowers to the lovely softness of the umbrella.

  3. I love the composition with the umbrella slanted to one side. It keeps your eye in the painting and I love the bursts of color throughout.

  4. Another beautiful painting in your farmers market series. What a terrific exhibition thus would make all together!

    Thanks for answering the glue question!!

  5. I love all of your market series and gladly own one. Your use of color is amazing; I see the color of the flowers reflected in the blue blouse. Lovely.

  6. Really like that arrangement of the two umbrellas and the trio of people. Very nice!

  7. Thank you for the yes information. I will be at Michaels today.
    This painting is slightly different from your others in this series. I like the resting spot of the umbrella and the flowers playing against the figures. Warm and cool. Very nice indeed!

  8. Julie - this painting is certainly brimming with gorgeous generous of you to share your tips as well. I have never tried Yes paste - although lots of mixed media artists use it. May have to put this on my need list (LOL) - have a wonderful weekend.

  9. The umbrella and the figure with the sunglasses are my favorite parts of this painting. I thinks it's interesting that the umbrella is in soft colors and the rest of the painting is bold and bright...a really pleasing contrast.

    You had a lot of helpful bits in your previous posts and I put the linen pad on my wishlist at Jerry's Artorama. Thanks Julie!

  10. WOW!!!! Love the colors in this painting. The umbrella really adds to this've done it again, Julie!!

  11. This painting is just full of life and energy from the colorful flowers to the calm trio of shoppers. It would be wonderful to hear all your thoughts while you paint...all your decisions and rationale. Gosh, I'd learn so much!! Thank you also for the info about Senso and the process of making the panels. I ordered mine this morning and look forward to using them.


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