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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Farmers Market #18 - Red Umbrella Sketch

Red Umbrella Sketch

6x6in watercolor on acid free paper  NFS

#3 in the 30 day challenge.

Many of us use an umbrella for shade here in the
bright sunshine of southern New Mexico. I use one
very easily...
I was raised using one in England for a completely
different reason.

Artist Note.

My watercolor weekend was spent on doing quick
sketches like this one inspired by a photo taken at
the farmers market here in Las Cruces, NM.
I did not draw first. I started by
placing spots of color next to each other and corrected
angles and shapes with negative painting. If you look
you can see the red of the umbrella under the green and
it doesn't bother me a bit!
The purple shoulder went out too far so I blobbed in a
small dark to indicate the lower part of the sleeve
and did not "tidy up."
These small watercolors are invaluable for me
testing what works or doesn't - what I like or don't like.
This was done on Strathmore  mixed-media #400.
I find I like the surface for a sketchy approach.

Thanks for all the great comments. I wish I had the time
to answer them but I will enjoy visiting your blog.
Please know that I do appreciate YOU.

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  1. Purple and classic for that poem (that I cannot think of currently!). And oh so wonderful!! Love the unfinished bottom too, Julie.

  2. We do the same in Rome, it's hard to believe you didn't draw this painting out first. I love the lost edges and love the feeling of light on the woman's body. Beautiful work!

    I always am excited to view your work and can imagine how busy you are with the challenge.

  3. Julie, I think this is one of my favorites of yours. So charming and fresh, it just keeps drawing my eyes back into the scene.

    You are the master of all media!

  4. This is beautiful Julie! I just love the blocks of color in the umbrella and background. It reminds me of stained glass a bit since it is transparent in places. Wonderful feeling of light. I like your little sketches!

  5. It's hard to pick of course but this is my very favorite so far. I love the simplicity of this composition. Having been to lots of busy farmers markets, I appreciate that you singled out this one subject to capture the idea. Very, very nice. And I am going to try what you suggest-drawing with spots of color and correcting via the negative passages. Sounds fun.

  6. Ha, ha..."tidy up"...I know where you were born. Personally I "clean up" and I have a great teacher that just says "off with its head". This is a charming study and is attractive to the viewer for several reasons not least of which is the umbrella. When you include umbrellas, even closed ones, outdoor eating areas, or Market Booth canopies, we get pulled right in!. I look forward to all your posts!

  7. It is always so much fun to read your thoughts about the painting. You make me want to try watercolor...though it scares me! haha! Wonderful painting. Love how you left the white of the paper.

  8. Wonderful. Love the freshness of this.

  9. I love to comment so you are welcome. Today the simplicity speaks to me. And the letting go of small things. No fussing. Maybe we should all wear t-shirts that say, NO FUSSING!

  10. Really lovely Julie, good luck with your challenge. I am so behind with my exhibition work, I'm not taking part in the challenge this time but I will enjoy watching how you all do!

  11. this is a beautiful watercolor, Julie! I Love umbrellas in paintings!!

  12. Julie - wow and you call this a looks good enough to frame - love how you paint - it is wonderful. Smile when you said you use the umbrella in NM to keep the sun off - great idea. Take care and have a good week.

  13. I'm with Debbie above, your sketches are amazing. Love your brush strokes.

  14. This is a pretty one Julie...I love the simple charm of it. It's been fun to see all the paintings over on Leslie's blog.

    The market painting in the last post is amazing. The details on the mother and children and stroller are just so amazing and well done. Details! Love your details!

  15. Wonderful simplicity...I love this! It says everything it needs to.

  16. This is perfect to me—so fresh!! Your mindset is where I continue trying to go . . . to work intuitively and resist the urge to tidy up.


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