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Thursday, September 19, 2013

California Hydrangeas


8x6in oil on linen panel $125.

DAY 19
This plant ( see below) was in a yard not far from
our son's house when we were visiting California
earlier this summer.
I was blown away by the beautiful range of colors.

Artist Note.

I elected to paint a close up first and would like to try
the whole bush sometime. I admire the range of variations
in the colors.

This is another one painted on the Senso linen canvas.
I buy mine in pads of 10 sheets. I find I can toss out a
sheet, if I am not satisfied, much easier than if I had
paid for a stretched canvas.
If I like one, like the one above, I then
glue it onto a panel.

I have had several emails asking about the product.
This is the cover and below that the color of the linen

I love the texture because it has some tooth, but if
you like smooth then this is not for you. Most of the
catalog places have it. I get mine from ASW Express.
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  1. I love this one Julie! I love these flowers too - ours are still flowering over here though the perpetual rain is battering them!

  2. What a beautiful painting Julie! And thanks for the tip. I was wondering what kind of glue do you use to glue the linen to the panel?

    1. Hi Karla - I use YES paste and have it on tomorrows blog.

  3. I'm always torn between lilacs and hydrangeas as my favorite flower but I lean more and more toward the hydrangeas. They are gorgeous even as they are drying on the bush. I've not seen two colors together before. Seems I read something about one type of soil grows them pink, and another blue (something about acidic verus alkaline soil, if memory serves). I just love them all, and this painting is definitely beautiful. The texture created by your brush strokes too lends to a sense of depth.

  4. Your hydrangeas look amazing, the colors are very beautiful. Because of the highlights on the blossoms it looks realy three-dimensional, very very nice!

    Greetings from germany

  5. Hi Julie - I've been following your work since the last 30 day challenge! My favorite piece was your lamp - still remember how incredible your lighting is! The flashlight one is neat too! :) Love the colors in your flowers too. ~Happy Painting, Kellie

  6. Julie, this is gorgeous! Is it done with a brush or palette knife? I really like the look of your paintings on linen, especially the previous one where you could still see some of the linen. Thanks for sharing your source. I'd love to try it.

  7. This is absolutely beautiful, Julie... I always love the cropped version better than the entire bush. Hydrangeas have so many gorgeous colors....wonderful work!!!!

  8. WOW! That is beautiful! Love those colors and the texture. Thanks for the info on the canvas.

  9. Yes, as usual a great painting. I order most of my stuff from ASW and I've seen this canvas and wanted to give it a try. Now I will.

  10. that is absolutely stunning - I love the colours!

  11. I never tire of Hydrangeas, LOVE them and all the various colors they put on display, and of course you painted them masterfully !

  12. I love this close up version, the pink and blue are a beautiful mix! Nice depth and texture!

  13. It's so nice........just as I see them all over town. Well done. And I have some senso paintings which I love......and am waiting to decide about the glue. Maybe you will bail us out tomorrow.

  14. This painting is really gorgeous. I think that Hydrangeas are lovely but for me not that easy to paint. Yours looks effortless and has great color and depth.

  15. Gorgeous hydrangeas, colors that declare the summer ... while the days are becoming shorter and less bright,dear Julie!

    "Senso" seems a wonderful material and has a very beautiful neutral tone.

  16. I just finished up some paintings of hydrangeas before I committed to the birds for 30 in 30. This is lovely, Julie. Thank you, too for the tip on the linen pads. I may try them out.

  17. Those beautiful blue flowers are sitting to the left of our stairs coming up to the front door. I will always think of your wonderful painting when I look at them.

  18. Wonderful Hydrangeas! Great color. Thanks for sharing the info on your support. I like the neutral color.

  19. I thought these looked familiar! I'm in California! Love these gorgeous color hydrangea...I tried my hand at them this summer what you did with them.

  20. Gorgeous colors and brushwork on the petals,seems like I can reach out and feel them!

  21. I like how loosely you've painted these flowers and your colors are are gorgeous!


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