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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Farmers Market # 24

Farmers market #24 -  Cooking Veggies

8x6in oil on linen $125. SOLD

Day 25

At the market there was a stall where this lady was
cooking up a big batch of red and green peppers
with onions. The huge pile quickly wilted down and
was then placed in containers..
She used a cast iron stove top with the flame clearly
 visible.  The smell was quite wonderful.

Artist Note.
Another vignette where I have left the linen showing.
Handy for these sketchy, fast paintings. I was asked
if the clear coating was compatible for oil. Absolutely!
It is a clear acrylic primer. Regular gesso is an acrylic
clear primer with.a white power added for surfaces
where the traditional white canvas is desired.
Using the Senso this way is similar to painting your canvas
a color first and having it peek through to unify the harmony.
With Senso, the color is a middle value, natural linen.

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  1. I'll bet the smells were amazing! Love the pure life in this piece, Julie!

  2. I like this one a lot too-especially those bits of red throughout. Your figures are really wonderful too:)

  3. I like this look...a painting sketch on linen. It reminds me of many of the sketches in Richard Schmid's book Alla Prima. This is so beautiful and I really love her red headscarf. I can imagine her humming while she cooks.

  4. OMG- LoVE this little painting!! Wait, there's no size or price listed???

  5. Wonderful painting, Julie. I love this woman with her red bandana!! Your work with this cast iron pot is outstanding as well! Love this one.

  6. Dear Julie! your painting is so vived! Amaizing!
    thank you for your visit and comment
    Have a nice day,

  7. Another absolutely terrific market scene. I can even smell the chili...and there is nothing better than that fragrance.

  8. Beautiful painting! Love her red scarf. Have so much enjoyed your market series. You are so talented!

  9. Beautifully composed. My eye just starts and the bottom and wanders up. Perfect reds and greens......

  10. love this painting....what exactly is senso?

  11. This is such a beautiful and vibrant painting Julie. You have captured so much atmosphere and movement. What a wonderful painting style you have!

  12. Remarkable! Jazzy colors set off by neutrals, strong contrasts and lots of energy. I like this so much!!

  13. Julie,
    what a darling piece! love the vivid chilies, scarf, flame. also like your blue shadows. your pot detail is fab, but my fav is the pop of flames.

  14. I can feel the movement and smell the smells. You always take me there!

  15. I love the pop of read on her head, then your eye travels down to the red in her hand, then the red in the pot. Beautifully done!

  16. Very lovely, so dynamic... Also, good to know about the senso & gesso. You always inspire Julie!

  17. Spectacular painting, love how you achieved the intense look on the womans face , not easy on such a small work .

  18. O my gosh this is lovely. Thanks for commenting on my blog- it got me here- and I am inspired!

  19. This is my new favorite!!! Everything about it is wonderful...I love those pops of color among the neutrals and the way my eye travels from the headscarf down to the pot of delicious peppers!! You should be well pleased with it!!

  20. You have brought her out alive Julie! And incidentally I just finished cooking the same :-)

  21. I agree with the other commenters - the aroma from the peppers and onion almost wafts up from the painting! The fire beneath the pot gives a feeling of movement and energy. Very beautiful.

  22. A fantastic portrait! Life, gesture, colors GORGEOUS, added to something I call " timeless", which  I really like in every painting.
    (I would also like to be able to put it in my work ...)

  23. Yes, this is truly lovely and I love the look of the linen- such dimension with the opaque paint.


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