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Thursday, September 12, 2013

New Mexico Casa

New Mexico Casa

6x8in  oil on canvas panel  $100.

Day 12

From an old photo of northern New Mexico.

Artist Note.
After doing a timed, fast oil sketch yesterday
I found I needed to do it again today because
I did not have much time after work.
Using the palette knife made it easier because I
cannot get into too much detail with it.

Several years ago I was lucky enough to get into one of
Carol Marine's workshops.  The timed sketch is one of her
exercises. She divides the canvas into four areas and in each
area you paint the same object - fast! It is a liberating
experience and I highly recommend it.
These roses were timed 7 mins each. The rose gradually
opened up from the heat of the light.
Amazing what you can do when you have to.

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  1. Your painting is beautiful, Julie. I can't stop looking at that gorgeous mountain color behind the house. Also? The rose painting? Oh my goodness stunning!! I love how the rose opens a bit more in each new painting!

  2. I love the active surface quality you got working quickly and with a knife. It's a good reminder that I should work with a knife more because I always love thick juicy paint like you have in this painting of New Mexico.

  3. Me gustan, estudio incluido.

  4. Oh my gosh, this is so wonderful! Such great texture and small strokes. The subject seems to appear without a lot of detail! Wonderful!

  5. I wish the word "wow" wasn't so trite. But I am wowed. Truly wowed. I LOVE the thick juicy paint of the palette knife and I love the landscape painting with the casa. Home is such a comforting safe place, I am always drawn to paintings which include a casa.

    The quick sketch is a good idea. However, even seven minutes seems like more than I have during the thirty day challenge.

  6. Once again, you amaze me! Your painting has a fresh feel about it, as if you had done it Plein air. Just wonderful and so are those roses...wish I could do that.

  7. Love the richness of the paint, lovely painting altogether. Brava!

  8. I have done the timed exercise several times. It is always beneficial.Maybe it is time to do it again.
    I am most taken with those three triangles at the top of the painting.They have such harmony. Good job with perseverance. I am trying to keep ahead but I am losing ground. LOL. All good.

  9. Love the fall colors and nice texture on this one Julie! Your rose exercise is also wonderful. It amazing that you did each one in only 7 minutes! I'm going to have to try:)

  10. Julie - so beautiful - love your casa. Also thanks for the wonderful tip about painting the same object in four squares quickly...this is something I will try. Thank you friend - hope you are having a beautiful day.

  11. love that rose exercise....and the Casa is!

  12. That little exercise of roses is a big eye opener, amazing how the human brain works!The landscape of course steals the show!

  13. I was in a Carol M workshop too...and she also had a "challenge" up for doing that...beautiful job...what I really love is how the texture of your knife work feels like New Mexico, and of course the color harmony is great too.

  14. Love your "Casa"--love the juicy paint and lively movement.


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