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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Farmers Market #21- sketch

Baskets at Farmers Market

8x6in oil on canvas panel $125.

Day 11

Artist Note.
I taught all day today and this was a  35 minute knife painting
at the end of the day. - from a photo.
The lettering was done with a brush plus some of the highlights.
Fast and sketchy.

Had problems with Blogger today so making this short.
Do you think they did not like me telling everyone not to
enter the numbers on comment moderation!!!!
Thanks for all the great  comments.  I am enjoying trying
to get to see everyone's posts. So MANY wonderful
painters in the blog-sphere. Very inspiring.

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  1. Oh my goodness! I am almost smelling a stew! Love this one, Julie!

  2. I'm sooo impressed, Julie! What a fabulous painting and only 35 minutes?? When it came up on my screen the green/red contrast drew me in immediately!

  3. Love that green and red but especially love the chilies hanging down. Very nice touch.

  4. Thirty-five minutes? Obviously you can create a masterpiece in a very short period of time. Your market series suit you and your style very well.

    Yeah....blogger got you...nsa, via, fbi, has, you name it...we're in the crosshairs.

  5. Beautiful! If only I could paint something like that in 35 minutes!

  6. I have commented on many blogs,have not typed in numbers, so what you say is true! Thanks for passing it along.
    Your painting is gorgeous and has so much energy. I love the chilies and the stacks of produce. It's hard to believe it only took you 35 minutes!

  7. I can't imagine painting that well in thirty five minutes! Wow!

  8. Very nice painting, Julie and I'm glad you shared the time you spent! It looks like you knew where you were going before you started.

    I linked to your blog today. I used your glass technique yesterday and it was fabulous; thank you for sharing. I posted some photos of the process while I tried out a few changes for a background.

  9. Another title.....Warm Wonder. It is just great, fresh and alive.

  10. love the abstract realism in this, if that's an accurate description.


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