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Monday, September 2, 2013

Farmers Market #17

Farmers Market #17 - Flower Stall

6x8in oil on canvas panel $125. SOLD

#2 in the 30 day Challenge
Shopping with Mom - a universal theme.

Artist Note.
When painting a series I try to incorporate
different explorations of the theme. When I began my
market series I was interested in all the colors
and shapes of the fruit and vegetables stands, but now I find
I am just as interested in the people.
Here it was the  little boy pulling
the stroller closer to watch what his mother was selecting.

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Posted by Picasa


  1. Love the color and I am always amazed by how much you put on a 6x8. It reads as a much larger painting.

  2. I love the trio (and progression in size) of those people! It's also a nice progression in size with the flowers down to the mom and then to the children. This is a nicely engineered piece.

    And I am glad to read that you switched your thinking a bit during the series. I suspect that you could have gotten stymied if your thinking hadn't been so fluid. Good for you!

  3. People certainly add to a painting and this little boy is just perfect. Adding your figures successfully suggests drama and tells a story. I love this!

  4. Beautiful! I love the light that you have captured as well. The composition is so charming!

  5. I love this series of yours and I like how this one tells a story.
    The painting in itself is lovely and I like the perspective of it, like from a child's perspective or me sitting down and just absorbing what is happening around me.
    I like series, how they give me the opportunity to try things and give new perspective to things. I'm not finished the series that you got me started on, my bird's nests.

    As usual you're a big inspiration.

  6. I love the big brother's protectiveness of his baby sibling. And the colors, as always, are just gorgeous, Julie!!

  7. LOVE the colors and texture on this piece...the little boy leaning over adds to this painting! wonderful job.!!!

  8. The amount of information you place in such a small canvas amazes me. Well done!

  9. Beautiful! Fantastic texture and color! Love it!

  10. Such a small tilt of his body says so much. Great eyes Julie. Love it.

  11. Happy Labor Day to you. I love the way the Market series has progressed. I've learned lots watching it go from flowers, fruits and now people. I started a series of Lake washington quite some time ago since it's the first thing I see when I wake up. You have been a mini workshop for me. Thanks Julie.

  12. The addition of figures into the market scene is wonderful and you have incorporated them seamlessly. AS always, I love your fearless and masterful use of color!

  13. Love these market ones! They have such a happy feeling about them. Thanks for your comments on my blog...I did enter you in the draw, but it was actually my hairdresser that won the painting!!! No shipping for this one, I can deliver it in person. Happy painting in the 30/30!

  14. love this, I loved seeing it in the 30 in 30.


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