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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Watercolor Weekend - Feather Study

Feather Study

7x5 in watercolor NFS

Day 22

Along with bird nests I am finding
feathers fascinate me

Artists Note.

It happened without a conscious thought.
I have now done several feathers...enough
to realize I have started to explore a series
of them with line and paint.
Not a popular or challenging subject
so it has to be a sub-conscious pull I am
responding to.

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  1. Beautiful study, Julie. I love how the background goes so well with the feather.!!

  2. That's so cool that your subconscious is guiding your art. And you are very sensitive and intuitive to hear that little nudge inside you! It's a beautiful painting. Your backgrounds are always such an expressive element in your work!

  3. I love subconscious pulls. Behind this feather is a story. Wondering what the story is holds the viewer's interest longer than a genre painting. The painting fixes itself to the viewer's brain and stays in memory forever--or until senility sets in :-)). ( I had to lighten up my serious comment). The rubbed, rough background on this is so right. Nice textures.

  4. A wonderfully done piece, Julie!!
    I also have had a long fascination with feathers. Holding it in your hand for a close look is usually the closest you'll come to holding the actual wild creature. ( Merely a bit of useless info from an ol' bird brain like me..)
    Did you use a bit of gouache on the upper and lower whites of the feather? Looks great!

  5. A very feathery looking feather!!!!!!!!!!! Beautifully painted.

  6. There is a gentle beauty in feathers. Glad you are exploring....and listening to yourself.

  7. someone once told me that a found feather is an extremely special thing...they told me that the feather was meant expressly for the person who finds it.
    This is beautiful! I wonder what this found message means?

  8. It's great that you are following your instincts.I love the organic feel of the colors and the background. Beautiful work!


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