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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Nest, Feather and Eggs

Nest, Feather and Egg

oil on canvas panel.  SOLD

Day 17

This is a commission.  I usually do not do commissions,
but this is for a friend who arrived at the gallery where
I had my Avian Architecture exhibit, too late...
they were all gone.
So this is # 38, painted especially for a very dear friend.
And keeping in my gallery's good graces!

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  1. It is beautiful, Julie and I love the composition as well.

  2. I love when you do series as it is so much fun to see what more you will find to add. My favorite part of this one is the color of those eggs. Aqua/turquoise has always been one of my favorite colors. You are so gifted as a painter and also willing to give of yourself to others.

  3. This is so beautiful, Julie. A beautiful job with the feather! Your friend will absolutely love this one.!

  4. I love the composition and the detail of the nest. The eggs draw the eye beautifully! I really love it!

  5. I love it Julie, and I especially love that you painted for her. The open egg shell represents the one extra nest painting coming forth. That's my artsy take on it, anyways. :)

  6. Julie - your friend I am sure is well pleased. This is so beautiful - things I certainly love. Hope you are having a great day.

  7. What a wonderful combination of color and composition!

  8. This painting is really lovely. I like the composition and love the weathered wooden looking background.

  9. Composition and detail. They stand out for me..........oh......and your palette. Love the little egg pieces. So nice, Julie.

  10. Love the curving feather that leads us right back to the beautiful blue eggs. Lucky owner!

  11. A delicate painting. Your friend is very lucky! Just beautiful.

  12. SImply great, and such a completely appealing subject, wonderfully composed.


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