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Friday, September 13, 2013

Crabapple Branch

Crabapple Branch

6x8in oil on canvas panel  $125.

Day 13

Crab-apples have a beautiful color range from
red into orange and yellow.

Artist Note.
Getting desperate to have a painting for the challenge
after teaching all day. This one started as a demo
a month ago and was never finished. I rubbed linseed oil
thinly into the dried surface then grabbed the trusty
palette knife to finished it off.  Fat over lean!

Check out this blog post from  Cindy Greene
After seeing it on my blog, Cindy shows a great step by step
of how she painted on the glass to gain some solutions to a
background she was dissatisfied with.
Very nice of her to place the credit.

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  1. I think crabapples sometimes have a pinkish cast too. These are beautiful!! I never sign up for daily painting challenges. I barely manage one a month and sometimes not even that often.

  2. Love the colors and textures in this beauty! You still are a super woman in my book. You make me tired just reading your blog. Your work and words are wonderfully inspiring. You go girl!
    Headed out to your country of origin.

  3. Love the design of this. It has a holiday feel about it. Beautiful!

  4. The busy ones always get their work done. You may have to be more inventive about it but sometimes that truly brings about INVENTION. So, whatever you do to get your daily painting done works well as this is truly lovely in every regard.

    Can it really be only Day 13? Honestly I thought we were past the halfway mark. Love from your fellow sun-up to sun-down friend.

  5. Thanks for the link, Julie! I am so happy to give the credit where it is due. Your tips and discussion of your process are very helpful. Love your manipulation of the paint. I also have finished a painting I started earlier to get my daily dose, and I'm sure many others have too!

  6. Beautiful composition. And theses violet-blue touches - excellent!

  7. so much texture and beautiful color! i love the feeling the palette knife give it! lovely!

  8. And when does red and green not work? Your fat over lean was creative and successful!

  9. Julie - these crab apples are so beautiful...I love the way you wield that palette knife. Hope you are having a great week. Take care and enjoy this day.

  10. I agree with Carol Carmichael, you are a super woman! Love the colors and the texture on this one...oh and I love reading your inspiring blog too!

  11. Gorgeous Julie--love the colors, knifework (is that a word??). Really dazzles. Happy Challenge Painting! Aimee

  12. This is a beauty! I just love the amount of color and texture you're able to create in your paintings. They're so fresh and lovely - they just sing!

    As I'm practicing your fracture method, I realize that one of the benefits to the fracture is that it carries color into joining sections of the painting in very small slices...a very clever technique.!


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