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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Watercolor Weekends - Little Church, N.M.

Little Church, New Mexico

8x5 watercolor on arches  NFS

DAY 29

A lovely old church just outside Santa Fe.

Artist Note
Some experimenting going on here.
l left the focal point pretty crisp
and messed aound with everything else.
I tried tearing the edges because the
arches brand paper is pretty heavy.
Have to live with this one for a while.
I do like the colors and am pleased
I captured the pale dried grasses.
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  1. I just love the deckled edge to the paper, Julie. Lends to a whole new look for a framed piece too. The whole of the work is just beautiful. I'm not sure why you "have to live with it for awhile," because I think it is awesome!

  2. A real beauty, Julie!! Love the visual path you've created back to the focal point. The values and colors are terrific!

  3. There is some very nice patterning here. I like that when you start looking at your brush strokes they are directional-very subtle.

  4. I love how you created that pathway right to the church. My final day is a church, something I rarely paint anymore. Yet churches are popular in NM because each one holds a special feeling and character.

  5. I like the vertical landscape and the combination of ways you handled the watercolor. Makes this little piece.

  6. This brings back wonderful memories of our time in New Mexico. I loved all the little many of them. Lots of history there. Beautiful contrasts in this work, Julie!

  7. These watercolor paintings are every bit as rich as your oils! I am impressed with he continuity of style! It's always a pleasure to see what you've been exploring and painting!

  8. I have not understood if I like to paint on Arches paper ... sometimes I get good results, other times it makes me angry ...
    I'm trying to understand what subjects it allows for better, because I still have enough Arches at home.
    Your landscape is so vibrant and lively. The torn edges are very nice for this landscape!

  9. I love the dark trees and mountains in the background...then you see the little white church that stands out perfectly!!! Wonderful work, Julie.

  10. I am sure you will play with it but right now I love the overall warmth. And you know how I love those little buildings set back that say so much. I think your notan hold nicely. So it is a yes....

  11. Very beautiful painting of the little church !!!
    Have a nice and creative new week !!!

  12. This is just the sweetest little painting...I love the colors too and the torn edges make it look aged. Awesome.


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