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Monday, September 23, 2013

Trio Rentals

Trio Rentals

6x8in watercolor  SOLD

DAY  23

This is a wee bit more whimsical than I usually paint so it was relaxing 
and  fun.
I have a friend who has an abundance of bird houses and she calls 
them her rental business! 
The red one is my favorite... and it always fills first.

Artist Note.
Dean asked yesterday if I used gouache. 
If you are reading this, Dean - I use Chinese White.
I do use opaque watercolors like Yellow Ochre and 
Cerulean Blue but have not broken into the gouache yet.
I enjoy the Chinese White and I think we called it "body color"
...back in the day. I use it to cool some of the colors
as well as adding light in places - like on the roofs in this one.

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  1. Your feather below is beautiful, Julie and I really love the birdhouses. I also occasionally use Chinese White in watercolors at times.

  2. I love these primary colored bird houses, beautifully painted Julie! I have Chinese White but don't use it, I will to try it.

    1. You have every right to play with your art. You are evolving rapidly with fracturing your water color paintings. They are lovely.

  3. This is nice! I do a love a primary color scheme and the house are very sweet:)

  4. This is so pretty Julie. Wouldn't it be awesome if the birds could pay rent?

    I like gouache. It seems like the colors are more vibrant than they are in watercolor, so if bright is what I am going for, I reach for the gouache over the watercolors. I only have a cheap set of watercolors and very few colors, so I know I would enjoy them more if I had a larger set. Do you use the kind from the tube?

  5. I really like this birdhouse painting. It has a very calm feeling but yet is painted in an energetic style.

  6. It's always a treat to visit your blog. We are also bird lovers, so I find this particularly charming!

  7. Wow - beautiful whimsy - I too love the red birdhouse. Your composition really moves the eye around too. I have used a bit of white gouache before to recapture lights but I think white gesso works well too. Have a great fall day.

  8. A nice side trip. Bird houses have always caught my fancy. Your background is phenomenal. Fracturing brings the whole composition together beautifully.

  9. Love these gay little bird houses, I'm sure the birdies will sing with even more joy !

  10. is that charming....or what! wouldn't all the wee birdies love to have that living arrangement...? yes....kind of like people and condos! Love the colors!

  11. This is certainly a fun painting, Julie!! Love the colors and fantasy feeling!

    Thanks for your answer to yesterday's question.

  12. Like this painting very much. it's fun and doesn't feel overly sentimental.

    Beautifully done.

  13. Fun painting. And I vote for the yellow one. I could move right in.

  14. A delightful painting! Uplifting and fun!


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