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Saturday, September 7, 2013

At the Market - Father and Daughter.

Father and Daughter

Watercolor on acid free Moleskin paper NFS

Day 7 in the 30 day Challenge

I loved her helmet and the juxtaposition of the
protective, bearded father next to the very girlie pink.
She sat in front of him on his bike and watching him
so carefully dismount was a joy to behold.

Artist Note
 - A request for helpful information.
I did this sketch during my  Watercolor Weekend and
I am getting more comfortable with watercolor and finding
my fracturing technique translates well with it.
Now I have to make a decision on where and how to
try and sell them.
They are a lot quicker to do than my oils and so will be
offered for less money.
I was wondering about trying them out on the DPW auctions.

I have an agreement with my gallery that I will  not
sell my oils in auctions.  Quite naturally, they want
consistent prices on my work, but they do not carry
my watercolors and I can choose how to market them.
 Does anyone have any information or suggestions
which can help me make a good choice?

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  1. It is so cool to be proficient in more than one medium, Julie. I love all your work, watercolors and oils both. I too like the daddy and his daughter piece and the emotions it stirs. Wonderful!

  2. Julie, When it doubt on pricing issues, I usually go to Etsy, E-Bay or DPW to see how others are pricing similar pieces.

    A very sweet painting!

    1. What a helpful suggestion, Carol. thanks. I am not too familiar with E-bay and Etsy but I will spend some time doing as you suggest.

  3. What a very sweet painting. Your painting brings back wonderful parent memories. I know the auction idea for selling your watercolor paintings will work well but I wish there was a way such paintings could get in the hands of parents as well. Just thinking about what I don't have when I was trying to teach my daughter to ride her bike at four while living on a beautiful tree lined street outside Cairo, Egypt.

    1. thanks Carol. Glad to know you think the auction will work well.
      Cairo? You must be glad you are not there now but what a fascination past you must have.

  4. I would do just that. Try them on DPW. This should be a smooth transition since you already have followers there and an established base. I'd also mention it on your FB page. I think these will go like hotcakes!

    1. So you are allowed to direct sales from facebook to the auctions? i had it in my head that sales were not allowed on Facebook but of course a plug can be given - good to know. Thanks Libby.

  5. A wonderful painting, Julie!!!

    I agree with the previous. Try them on DPW. They should do quite well. Then, perhaps put an upper price like "buy it now" on your blog as the painting runs concurrently in the DPW.

    1. I did not understand what the "buy it now" meant so basically you put a starting price and also a price you would accept which is higher than that- right?
      Interesting. I thank you, Dean.

  6. Hi Julie, I agree with Libby and Dean. Some small watercolors can be very detailed and take as long to paint as larger ones. While some can be sketchy. Maybe not just a blanket price on size, but take into consideration the amount of time and detail in a piece too for pricing. Just a thought.

  7. Interesting, because I had not thought about that. In my oils I have standard pricing for the sizes. Some are quicker to paint than the others, but it doesn't mean the ones which take longer are better than the quicker ones. Also in the gallery it could be hard for them if someone would say, "these are the same size, why is that one priced more?" But my watercolors are not going to be in the gallery. have raised an interesting point and I will mull it over.

  8. Love this one captured that sweetness that is with fathera and daughters.

    I am no DPW expert, but I am thinking since you already have so much success there, for simplicity sake just keep it all together. I like straight out pricing rather than auctions though. I have only bid on one painting my whole life and when I lost the bid I was MAD and terribly disappointed. So I NEVER buy art via auction anymore. That's just me though.

    1. You and others (by email) have also said the same thing about the auctions.
      Geeesh - so much to mull over. I really appreciate your input.
      I have no experience with auctions myself and ebay is something i have heard about but never gone on. I do have friends who spend hours looking at auction stuff and would never dream of looking at my blog.
      Glad you like the painting.

  9. Love the simplicity of this one. So much conveyed with so few strokes. It must have inspired me as I have a figure on the easel now. And if I knew the selling question I would give you all the input in the world.

    1. I agree, it is nice to do simple little sketches like this.
      Looking forward to seeing your figure painting.

  10. A BEAUTIFUL painting that we can all relate to Julie!!! I remember my husband by my daughters side while she was learning to ride!! Leaving for Arizona tomorrow morning, so I will catch up with your paintings in about a week or so!!!

  11. Very beautiful and sweet painting !!!
    I love all your art works in watercolours and oils !!!

  12. I have no suggestions for where to sell these...but I sure like them! This is so fresh and lively!


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